Sorry to hear about ur family problems and the arrogance of those kids who removed u from ur own group

It’s alright, the funny thing is that the people are now asking for a new assistant admin… it’s pathetic really

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Well, this is a post about me being inactive for a few months, they are a few problems which caused this, one of them is my studying for my GCSEs I completed a few weeks back, another is a few family problems and this has took my mind of tumblr, I even almost forgot about it! Anyway, I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet, I shall be making more edits soon :D

I shall also be making a facebook group for Shaytards as I used to run one but the admins on there removed me - funnily enough I was the one that made them admins because of my inactivity and I told them in advance… people, eh?

My first edit of charles in wtk, so hard to do with the strobe lights etc

another quote I really really love, this tells my life story of the past few months, I just love doing these.

I am overwhelmed with the support from you guys liking my edits! I only started doing them a few days ago! It’s getting me more followers!

Thanks guys!

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The most inspiring quote I have ever read in my life, love this edit also.

My best color edit by far, love this :)